1 Student. 52 Resolutions. 52 Weeks. I have created 52 resolutions. Each week I will draw one at random and blog about it as I complete it. Bring on 2013!

So Resolution 35 may have seemed…

….a bit confusing to some.

My 35th resolution was to practice my trumpet outside.  Now, why is that anything substantial or worth doing? Well, I will explain!

At Texas State there aren’t very many practice rooms, and when all of the practice rooms are full you can either wait until there is a room open or you can practice outside…in the open…where everyone can hear you…mistakes and all…are you getting my point?

Yeah, it’s a little uncomfortable, and I don’t exactly want anyone hearing me when I’m not playing at my absolute best and everything is not as good as it possibly can be.  I mean, to me, practice should be just that, practice!  It’s where you get all of your imperfections ironed out.  Then, when people do hear you, you are playing at your prime!

So call me crazy, but I don’t like people to hear me when I’m practicing. However, I stepped outside of my comfort zone and practiced outside one afternoon.  I faced my “discomfort” and played where all could hear.  But, I still feel the same about practicing outside as I did before.  I mean, sure, some people don’t care and think you should be able to play anywhere at anytime, but it’s just not for me.  I want to play and be able to just cut loose and let my mistakes fly.  I want to work through it all and not be self conscious of what everyone else is thinking.

Bottom line, I’m glad I did it.  I’m glad I forced myself to do something new, but sometimes the old stuff is just the best :) Back to my old habits, back to the practice rooms, back to the late nights practicing and making mistakes!

Thank you for reading this week, and I really hope that everyone you can find something that makes you uncomfortable or a fear of yours and face it! It’s satisfying and gratifying, even if you still end up doing the same old thing you always do.  At least you gave it a shot! That’s something to be proud of :)

God Bless, and Resolution 36 is coming right up!

Resolution 35!

Resolution 34 took some…


This week my resolution was to ask 5 people about their day, every day. Now, I know it’s natural to see someone and ask “How are you?” but how often do we REALLY care and want to know?? Well, I made it my challenge this week to make sure I really showed interest each and every time that I asked.

I really can’t stand it when I ask someone how they are, they say they are good and ask how I am, and I say good and we go about our day. I mean, I understand that sometimes you just don’t have time to really ask and hear about someone’s day. If that’s the case though, then why don’t we just say “hi”??

I just feel like it’s a bit rude and uncaring, but yet I do it every day. This was a difficult resolution this week, but it really got me pondering on how I should be greeting people. And it made me really question how much time I take to focus on others each day. After all, what is life if it’s not lived for others??

Anyway, I hope I was genuine to others this week, and I plan on continuing and improving as time goes on! However, I want your thoughts. How do you feel about the natural reaction “how are you” that we get from/give to people every day?? Is it REALLY acceptable or just something that we’ve come to accept over time?? Just something to ponder. :)

Thanks for reading!! :) resolution 35 is on it’s way!

Resolution 34!

Resolution 33 could not have…

….come at a better time.

I have just gotten down to college, in Texas, and with resolution 33 being to make a long phone call, I had plenty of reason to do that!

I had a few long phone calls this week, but my main one was to my grandma. She just has to know how everything is going as I get moved in and no one gets more joy from my phone calls than her :) I love her so very much. Like I’ve said before, if you are ever needing some encouragement or need to feel important, just call an old person! (No offense to the old people) but they are just the happiest and most excited about anything that happens in a young person’s life! That, and she’s my grandma. She always wants the best for me and I’m truly blessed for having a woman like her in my life :)

So GO CALL A RELATIVE! They want and need to hear from you!

Then come back here and check out resolution 34!

Resolution 33!
I’m sorry that Resolution 32 is so delayed. It’s been a crazy time around here as I head back to school! However, I did complete the resolution in a timely manner, I just hadn’t gotten around to posting it yet!

The resolution was to buy 3 things for a dollar (or under). Though some of you may think “Duh, that’s so easy”, please keep in mind that I had to complete this task at the Iowa State Fair, where you are lucky if you find one thing for a dollar! But I buckled down and headed to the infamous “junk tent” or “flea market” area of the fair, where I found the little gems that you see in the photo! 

1 comb, 1 Dale Earnhardt bottle opener, and 1 very annoying whistle. All for the grand total of……60 cents!! :) I know, I was pretty impressed too! They all came in rather handy, except the whistle. I just wanted the whistle to “accidentally” end up in a trash can, but it survived the ENTIRE fair. (Much to my dismay) 

Either way, in this expensive world we live in, you can rest assured knowing that it is possible to buy 3 things for a dollar or less! At least three things other than Double Bubble for 10 cents a piece at a little league ball game…

Anyway, resolution 33 will be posted NOW and resolution 34 in a couple days. Let’s get back on track, shall we?? Thanks readers!
Resolution 32! :)

…what addiction feels like!

It’s safe to say that I struggled with not having Facebook this last week. In fact I knew I was going to struggle with it so much that I deleted the application off my phone, along with Twitter! But I will say that it felt really nice to not have to worry about my phone or what was going on in everyone else’s lives this week.

But I will say that I have some pretty awesome blog followers who left me some encouragement to come back to! I had Facebook messages welcoming me back, but letting me know that it was cheating if I read it before Thursday! :) what awesome friends.

However, though I never got on my own Facebook, you wouldn’t believe how many times other people told me to look at something and it was on their Facebook! Not an easy thing to avoid. I think it’s safe to say that Facebook is well beyond a “household name” and I’m not sure if it’s a good or bad thing.

What are your thoughts??

Would you completely delete your Facebook just to get back to the way things were??

Just some things to think about! :)

Thanks for the encouragement, and 17 notifications to come back to! It made this resolution one of anticipation and excitement!

Resolution 32 coming right up :)

Resolution 31!